The psychology behind number processing


About the research

"5", "five" and "*****" are just the same, aren't they? Well, not exactly: while these symbolic and non-symbolic notations refer to the same magnitude, our brain processes the digit "5", the word "five" and the dot configuration differently. Mila Marinova (KU Leuven) looks into the psychology behind number processing. Such knowledge can help to make learning mathematics easier for children.



Mila Marinova
KU Leuven

Mila Marinova is a psychology doctoral student in KU Leuven, researching numerical cognition. She has been interested in the so-called “symbol grounding problem”—where does the meaning of numbers come from—since her years as an undergraduate student. In her PhD project, she investigates how people learn and process symbolic and non-symbolic numbers. The results of her research help in developing better strategies and materials for math education.

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