Putting cars on a diet: discontinuous carbon fibre composites


About the research

Heavier cars require more fuel or battery that lighter cars. So it would be good for the environment if we could make cars lighter. That's why materials scientist Luca Martulli (KU Leuven) is investigating how to stuff our cars with lightweight carbon fibre composites without compromising our safety.

🇳🇱 Auto's op een dieet van onderbroken koolstofvezelcomposieten 

Kunnen we onze wagens lichter en dus milieuvriendelijker maken zonder daarbij onze veiligheid op het spel te zetten? Luca Martulli (KU Leuven) wendt zich tot koolstofvezelcomposieten om dit voor elkaar te krijgen 👉 🎥

Luca Martulli
KU Leuven

Strongly passionate about science and technology, Luca Martulli graduated in aerospace engineering. He focused on composite materials in his master thesis: fascinated by the topic, he kept studying them with a dedicated PhD. Switching from planes to cars, Luca’s research is done in cooperation with Toyota Motor Europe and KU Leuven: he studies new ways of implementing composites in cars, reducing their weight, and thus their environmental impact.

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