Recyclable thermosets from wood waste

About the research

About the research

Did you know that the average lifespan of a wind turbine is 20 years? After that, unfortunately, wind turbines end up in landfills as they are built from thermosets, materials that can't be recycled (yet).

"It's time to change that", says Marlies Thys (VITO - VUB - FWO). She is looking into making recyclable thermosets by using ... wood waste. This would allow us to make the production of wind turbines more sustainable. 


Marlies Thys

All macroscopic properties of our daily used materials are ultimately defined by their molecular structure which intrigued Marlies Thys to study chemistry. However, in terms of sustainability, our material development is lacking behind. Therefore, the focus of her PhD research at VUB and VITO is mainly based on two concepts: biobased and recyclable. With this, she hopes to contribute to more sustainable material development in the future.

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