The risk of playing too safe


About the research

What do you do when you see a toddler walking around with scissors? Do you panic? Do you get angry? Do you take them off immediately? It's tempting to intervene immediately in such a situation. But no matter how well you mean it, you do deprive a toddler of the chance to push his limits. Helena Sienaert (Artevelde University College Ghent) advocates risky play and wants to support parents and professionals in this. "This will give children more opportunities to play excitingly, to notice dangers themselves and to learn how to deal with risks. 

Helena Sienaert

Helena Sienaert (Master of Science in Educational Sciences) started her career as a researcher and lecturer at Ghent University College. Since 2011, she has been supporting the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences. She teaches, among other things, about supporting young children’s free play. For several years, Helena has been sharing her passion for #riskyplay with working fields and policy through the RePLAY research projects.

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