In search of the cause of Alzheimer's


About the research

In patients with Alzheimer's, microglia, the immune cells that protect our brains, suddenly start damaging the brain themselves by eating synapses. 🧠 🍽 Ben Rombaut (Hasselt University - Maastricht University) is trying to find out why this happens. In this way, he wants to help ensure that in our old age we can all stay on our toes.

Ben Rombaut
FWO - UHasselt

"Born too late to explore the world, born too soon to explore space." The number of questions the human brain still holds inspired Ben to pursue neuroscience. He is curious to find answers to many of them but has to start somewhere. With his current Ph.D. research at UH and UM he aims to gain a deeper understanding of Alzheimer's disease, which was discovered over a hundred years ago. Learning the inner workings of memory, learning, and forgetting provides invaluable insights for a variety of neurological disorders.

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