In search of a new treatment for epilepsy


About the research

What if your life were in danger every time you took the stairs or drove a car? This applies to epilepsy patients: an epileptic seizure on the stairs or behind the wheel could have a very bad outcome. That is why Jana Desloovere (UGent) is working on new and more effective treatment. In this way she hopes that in the future people with epilepsy can drive a car or climb the stairs without worries.

Jana Desloovere

Studying biomedical sciences was an obvious choice for Jana Desloovere, as she was from early on fascinated by the human body, it's function and diseases. As the brain is essential and very complex Jana got hooked on brain research ​wanting to find answers to challenging research questions. Therefore she started her PhD at Ghent University in the 4BRAIN research group. With her research she wants to develop a novel therapy for difficult to treat epilepsy. She is hopefull that this will make a real difference in the future for epilepsy patients.

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