Smart cities are transforming their urban services


About the research 

Imagine a city where street lighting only functions when there are cars nearby and where waste bins alarm garbage trucks when they're full and need to be emptied... This might soon become reality, but only if we manage to process the huge amount of data that these smart devices will produce. That's what José Santos (UGent - Imec) is trying to accomplish in order to turn our cities into smart cities. 

José Santos
imec - UGent

As a child, José Santos was always enthusiastic about technology and science, which inspired him to study Electrical and Computers Engineering. He specialized himself in telecommunication networks since he was fascinated to understand how communication networks really work. Nowadays, he is a PhD Student of Computer Science in the IDLab research group at Ghent University - imec. His research focuses on developing distributed cloud solutions able to support future Smart City applications.

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