"Teacher, I am scared" - Emotions and multilingualism

About the research

About the research

Why do some children pick up languages faster than others? To find out, knowing what children feel about those languages is very important. "Those who enjoy speaking a language will use it more and become better at it," says Graziela Dekeyser (KU Leuven). She researches the emotions that children have with Dutch and with their home language.

Graziela Dekeyser
KU Leuven

Since she was a child, Graziela Dekeyser has always wanted to understand the world surrounding her. Studying Sociology provided her with a new way of seeing that world: not everybody gets the same opportunities in life. Ever since, she has been devoted to addressing inequalities, especially involving children and (young) adolescents. In line with this goal, her Ph.D. focused on children’s experiences of being multilingual as many people talk about these children, but they themselves are seldom heard in public and political debates.

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