Tracking down the production of illegal nuclear weapons


About the research

This is Maja Verstraeten (UAntwerpen). She contributed to SoLid, a detector at the nuclear research center SCK-CEN in Mol consisting of about 13,000 transparent cubes. Why build such a thing? Well, the aim of the SoLid detector is to allow researchers to find out whether illegal nuclear weapons are being produced anywhere in the world 🕵️‍♀️ 🌍

Maja Verstraeten

As long as she can remember, Maja Verstraeten is fascinated by science, which led her to study physics at the University of Antwerp. As a PhD student she does fundamental research on the building blocks of the universe. With the international SoLid experiment she investigates a pertinent anomaly within the neutrino sector. For this purpose they built a detector at the nuclear reactor of the nuclear research center SCK-CEN in Mol. Because of the innovative technology, this detector design can be used to detect the illegal production of nuclear fuel. After her PhD, Maja wants to focus on the development of profitable nuclear fusion, in order to counter the growing climate and energy problem.

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