Virtual experiments with real materials


About the research

Danny Vanpoucke (UHasselt) is a computational materials researcher. Using supercomputers, he works on the smallest scale, conducting experiments with atoms to study material properties. The resulting insights can contribute to new and better batteries, solar panels, medicines and even computers for the future.

New materials
Danny Vanpoucke
FWO - UHasselt

Danny Vanpoucke is a theoretical materials researcher at Hasselt University. He holds both a PhD in Physics (2009, UTwente, NL) and Chemistry (2012, UGent, BE). For his quantum mechanical simulations of real-life materials (like a diamond with defects), he makes use of the supercomputers (e.g. BrEniac) of Flemish universities. Whenever the opportunity arises, he is glad to show the results to the world, as with the projection of nanowires on the Gravensteen castle during the Ghent Light Festival of 2012. Or he seizes the opportunity to talk about his impressive research via Science Figured Out, obviously... 

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