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About the research

About the research

Did you know there are countless species of mosquitoes, some of which can transmit dangerous diseases? Identifying these tiny creatures—or any other species— is no easy task, even for seasoned biologists. But fear not! 🦟🔬

Meet Ann Vanderheyden from the 'Species Identification Service', part of the Institute of Natural Sciences. Ann and her colleagues use DNA technology to assist customs officials in identifying protected species at borders and help scientists pinpoint potentially dangerous mosquitoes 🧬

So.. if there's something weird, and it don't look good... Who you gonna call? 🕵️‍♂️🔍

Ann Vanderheyden
Instituut Natuurwetenschappen

Meet Ann Vanderheyden, a dedicated biologist passionate about decoding nature’s secrets. Driven by a profound curiosity for the world of DNA research, Ann is often found in the lab exploring new techniques. Ann is a member of the BopCo team, which is specialized in DNA-based species identifications. Their expertise is valuable for applications like border controls, monitoring invasive species and identifying potential pest species.

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