What diaries teach us about everyday life in the Third Reich


About the research

"The city of Breslau became more and more a forbidden zone for the Jews. Only a few places remained for them. And one of these was the cemetery. It was here where Jewish life was concentrated at the end, it was the place where people went to sunbathe, children had to play, ..." Literature scholar Annelies Augustyns (VUB - UAntwerp - FWO) studied German-Jewish diaries from WWII for her doctorate. These offer a glimpse into the "everyday" life of Jews in the Third Reich.

Annelies Augustyns
FWO - UAntwerpen - VUB

Annelies Augustyns remembers reading the diary of Anne Frank when she was only twelve years old. This diary sparked an interest in investigating and getting to know more about the Holocaust. This has only increased ever since and turned into a real passion. It resulted in her PhD research on diaries and autobiographies from the city of Breslau, where she investigates how daily life under National Socialism changed and is textually represented.

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