Wheezing and rattling. What's the problem?


About the research 

Did you know that half of the children have a period of noisy breathing in their first year of life? For a doctor the exact diagnosis is not always easy, because in contrast to e.g. blood pressure, no clear measurement is possible. Doctors must rely on what they can hear with their stethoscope and on how parents describe their children's symptoms. That's why Gitte Slingers (University of Hasselt) is working on a accurate measurement method that leans on examining particles in the exhaled breath of children. Will doctors soon breathe a sigh of relief thanks to her research?

Gitte Slingers

Gitte Slingers interest in becoming a medical practitioner grew during her schooling as a biologist, . After obtaining her master's degree, she switched to biomedical research in order to be able to do something for patients. She is now working on a doctorate at the Jessa Hospital within the Limburg Clinical Research Program (LCRP) of the Hasselt University and in close cooperation with the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO). Her research uses innovative techniques to improve the diagnosis of noisy breathing in young children.


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