Why do some children have difficulties walking?


About the research

Ever heard of Dravet's syndrome? This rare condition occurs in 1 in 20,000 people and causes problems with walking, among other things. Lore Wyers (UAntwerpen - KU Leuven) is going the extra mile to help children with Dravet syndrome to walk better again. The first 'step': analysing their step pattern.

Lore Wyers
KU Leuven - UAntwerpen

Lore Wyers always wanted to help children having a healthy and active life. She became a sports instructor, youth leader and physiotherapist. During her studies, she developed a growing interest in how our brain makes our body move. That is why she specialised in neurological and paediatric rehabilitation. Her PhD research aims to understand why children with Dravet syndrome have walking difficulties, in order to help them improve their daily life activities.

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