Your smartphone is a gold mine


About the research

Did you know that your smartphone contains, among many other precious metals, about 20 milligrams of gold? That may not seem like much, but it's 200 times as much gold as in a small piece of gold ore. Nick Gys (UAntwerpen - VITO) is working on a technique to easily recycle these precious metals from smartphones.

New materials
Nick Gys
UAntwerpen - VITO

Nick Gys is a PhD student at VITO – UAntwerpen, working on the development of new adsorption materials for the selective recovery of metals from industrial waste - and process streams. Nick is committed to bring science close to the public and inspire the next generation to engage in science. He hopes to create awareness and appreciation for the huge amount of challenges and innovations that allow society to use a smartphone and electric car without running out of resources and reducing the environmental burden.

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