Microalgae, a future sustainable food source?

Yixing Sui is a kind of farmer. The 'crop' he is growing? Microalgae! These tiny living organisms might prove to be an important solution for the increasing food demands due to large population growth.
Yixing Sui

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De Baets

Predicting the future with computers

Did you know that your supermarket has a 'psychic' on the payroll? Well not exactly, but they have a forecaster, someone in charge of predicting future sales so your supermarket doesn't run out of stock. A very challenging task. Luckily the forecaster can count on software for help. Shari De Baets looks at how forecasters and computers can work together to make sure their predictions are accurate and customers are served and satisfied.
Van Loon

In search of the very coldest

Did you know that the coldest temperatures in the universe are measured on our earth? At the University of Antwerp, Senne Van Loon explores the very coldest: by investigating ultra-cold gases, he helps to broaden our knowledge of quantum physics.

Left-wing women and competent men?

Ondanks een inhaalbeweging scoren vrouwen nog steeds minder goed dan mannen bij verkiezingen. Zeker op het lokale niveau, waar slechts 1 op de 3 de gemeenteraadsleden een vrouw is. Robin Devroe zoekt uit waarom dat zo is. Iets om over na te denken alvorens u straks naar het stemhokje trekt?

Beethoven as you never heard him before

Ann Cnop lets us to travel in time. Not by means of a real teletime machine, but thanks to a 'simple' violin and ancient scores. Through her research she makes the violin compositions of Beethoven, Brahms and Schubert sound as these musical masters themselves heard them at the time. 

Make more plastic recyclable

Recycling plastic is kind of like eating spaghetti. With this analogy Christian Taplan introduces us into the world of plastic recycling. Christian is working on a new and very promising type of recyclable plastic materials, called 'vitrimers'.
KU Leuven

Can I give you my energy?

People are selling overnight stays in their spare rooms and rides in their car. Then why can't they sell their unused (solar) energy? In her research Ariana Ramos proposes new rules that would enable you as a consumer to trade energy with other consumers.

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