Can I give you my energy?

People are selling overnight stays in their spare rooms and rides in their car. Then why can't they sell their unused (solar) energy? In her research Ariana Ramos proposes new rules that would enable you as a consumer to trade energy with other consumers.
Ariana Ramos
KU Leuven - Vlerick

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Science Figured Out lures scientists out of their trusted lab or office space and places them in front of a camera with a clear task: inform the general public in a clear 3-minute pitch about your research!

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KU Leuven

How to prevent investors from dropping out?

As an entrepreneur it is quite a task to find investors. Through so-called pitching events they can present their company to a group of investors in the hope of convincing them to financially support their project. Zoë Imhof investigates how entrepreneurs are most likely to effectively attract investors and keep them on board.

Development of a vaccine against Toxoplasma

Mizanur Rahman (Universiteit Gent) is trying to help pregnant women by developing a vaccine against the dangerous Toxoplasma Gondii parasite.

Left-wing women and competent men?

Ondanks een inhaalbeweging scoren vrouwen nog steeds minder goed dan mannen bij verkiezingen. Zeker op het lokale niveau, waar slechts 1 op de 3 de gemeenteraadsleden een vrouw is. Robin Devroe zoekt uit waarom dat zo is. Iets om over na te denken alvorens u straks naar het stemhokje trekt?

Beethoven as you never heard him before

Ann Cnop lets us to travel in time. Not by means of a real teletime machine, but thanks to a 'simple' violin and ancient scores. Through her research she makes the violin compositions of Beethoven, Brahms and Schubert sound as these musical masters themselves heard them at the time. 

Make more plastic recyclable

Recycling plastic is kind of like eating spaghetti. With this analogy Christian Taplan introduces us into the world of plastic recycling. Christian is working on a new and very promising type of recyclable plastic materials, called 'vitrimers'.
Buh Kum
KU Leuven

The design of safe, cheap and potent vaccines

Many vaccines need to be stored in refrigerators, which can be challenging in warmer and low income countries. That's why Dieudonné Buh Kum and his colleagues at KU Leuven are developing new, cheaper & more stable vaccines that will help save more lives.

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