HER2 breast cancer: comprehend to conquer it!

Did you know that breast cancer is the second most common cancer for women, affecting 1.7 million women worldwide? In her research Ovia Margaret Thirukkumaran is trying to decipher how cancer cells communicate and develop resistance against drugs in so called HER 2 breast cancer, a very aggressive form of breast cancer.
Ovia Margaret Thirukkumaran
KU Leuven

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Citizens and government: a game without rules?

Did you know that there is no clear, general regulation in Belgium that regulates the relationship between citizen and government? we currently rely on vague, unwritten principles supplemented by specific legislation, what has led to a jumble of rules. That tangle is what Dennis Fransen wants to help unravel. Through his research he wants to contribute to a general administrative law code in Belgium and Flanders.
KU Leuven

Killing bad bugs!

From sour wine, to Egyptians and Romans, to the wonderful discovery of Louis Pasteur some 150 years ago: Alexander Cambré tells you about bad bacteria and how they make us sick. In his research he tries to understand more about the Salmonella bacteria so that we can combat them better.
KU Leuven

From green water to green raw material!

An Verfaillie (KULAK) is developing a technique for harvesting microalgae. Because those algae could well become the green raw material of the future!
KU Leuven

Soot: the invisible culprit

Hannelore Bové developed a new technique that allows for the first time to detect and count the number of soot particles a person has in his or her body. This is an important step in order to determine the precise impact of soot on our health.

Flatworms help track down carcinogens!

Every year, many mice are sacrificed for science. These animals are used, among other things, to test whether certain substances are carcinogenic. Jan-Pieter Ploem is working on a new test method that uses flatworms, that will hopefully help save a lot of mice.

How internet capabilities can help your company

Marketing managers need to be close to what is going on in their market. Luckily they can rely on digital tools to help them, but it's sometimes hard to keep track as new tools pop up every day. That's why, according to Ingrid Ruskowski (Universiteit Hasselt), companies need to invest in internet capabilities.