Alzheimer's disease: from smoothie to fruit salad


About the research

Have you ever enjoyed a delicious smoothie? The way this tasty drink is made has similarities to how Alzheimer's disease research has been approached in the past decades. In this video, Lara De Deyn (VIB - UAntwerpen) explains why she chooses a fruit salad approach in her research. A nice metaphor to tell how Alzheimer's disease research is evolving.

Lara De Deyn
UAntwerpen - VIB

Lara De Deyn discovered her interest in neuroscience at a very young age, later cultivating a fascination with genetics. Presently, her efforts are directed towards comprehending the complex genetics of Alzheimer's disease while doing a PhD at the University of Antwerp at the Center for Molecular Neurology. She does so by examining cell-type-specific genetic patterns in individuals affected by Alzheimer's, contributing to the ongoing research in this challenging field.

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