Creating new proteins for a future without diseases


About the research 

Why do people get cancer, arthritis, or Alzheimer's? Essentially because a protein key in our body does not fit in its respective lock. This is why Alvaro Martin (VIB - VUB) is looking at removing defective keys and designing new protein keys. Keys that fit and can open the necessary locks, so that for example, our immune cells target and kill cancerous cells. "Protein design can be the key to unlocking a future without diseases."

Alvaro Martin Hermosilla

Every form of life is made from nanoscopic machines called proteins. Although there are thousands of different proteins found in nature, their function is limited. In his PhD at the VUB in Brussels, Alvaro uses computational tools to design new proteins with unique shapes and functions. Since proteins are responsible for all biological events, making new ones opens the way to solve almost any biological complication.

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