Discover a hidden world with the hyperspectral camera


About the research

Bees can see pollen, snakes can perceive heat, and some birds have feather patterns visible only to their species. In short: a lot of animals see things that we, humans, do not. Until now, because with hyperspectral cameras we will soon surpass the entire animal kingdom, as engineer Thomas De Kerf (UAntwerpen) explains in this video. 

Thomas De Kerf

Thomas De Kerf first worked in the industrial sector for a while, but then, prompted by his curiosity, made the move to university. There, he did doctoral research on the use of hyperspectral cameras to detect rust on wind turbines. Now, as a postdoc, Thomas is focusing on how this technology can help surgeons distinguish cancerous tissue from normal tissue, to improve the precision of operations and better outcomes for patients.