Do we simplify our language in conversations with non-native speakers?


About the research

"Hebt gij Pieter toevallig nie gezien vandaag?"

This trivial Dutch question illustrates how, in our daily lives, we often use a more informal language, than the one we learn at school. This makes it challenging for non-native speakers to learn our language. In his research, Valentijn Prové (KU Leuven) studied conversations of Dutch native speakers with non-native speakers. He thus offers us an insight into how we adapt our language when we think someone will not understand us. 

Valentijn Prové
KU Leuven

Valentijn Prové has a background in French and German language and literature at KU Leuven and Universität Leipzig. He is currently broadening his interests as a researcher. In his PhD project, he investigates how we adapt our body language in conversations with non-native speakers. He is also looking for intersections between language, body, cognition and culture.

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