Gamma Cassiopeia, the stellar ballerina

About the research

About the research

Did you know that one of the brightest stars in the night sky is still a mystery to astronomers? Gamma Cassiopeia, the central star of the Cassiopeia constellation (the 'W' you can see at night), is rapidly spinning around its axis, much like a ballerina, causing it to break itself apart. And it's not the only one. Julia Bodensteiner (KU Leuven) wants to shed light on these spinning, or should we say 'dancing' stars.

Julia Bodensteiner
KU Leuven

Curiosity and interest in the unknown are among the many reasons that inspired Julia Bodensteiner to study astronomy. She is currently finishing her PhD at the Institute of Astronomy at KU Leuven, in which she investigates the interactions occurring between stars in double-star systems. Apart from the beauty of the night sky, she enjoys being outside in nature, especially going for hikes and cycling.