From a general to a personalised diagnosis


About the research

Should you be worried if, for instance, your cholesterol level is above the normal value? Not necessarily. As Murih Pusparum (VITO - UHasselt) argues: test results are often compared to a standard range of normal values, while every person might have his or her own range depending on age, gender, and genetic or biological traits. That's why she is working on a new model to determine a specific range for each person, moving from a general to a personalised diagnosis. This will help doctors make better diagnoses and detect diseases faster.

Murih Pusparum
UHasselt - VITO

"Each one of us has a unique personality and character, and so does our biology!" With a solid background in biostatistics, Murih Pusparum believes that integrating personal biology data can help doctors make better diagnoses. In her PhD, together with the research group of Precision Health at VITO and UHasselt, she focuses on modelling longitudinal data to develop a personalised instrument beneficial for early disease diagnosis.