How do my genes describe me and my health?

About the research

About the research

Why do some people get a cold every month, while others seem immune, even in the wintertime? 🤧 "The answer lies in our genes," says Alejandro Correa Rojo (VITO - UHasselt). "Each of us carries a unique genetic code, that doesn't only determine our eye color or height. It can also tell how you will respond to a disease." After studying the DNA of thousands of people, Alejandro developed a Genetic Risk Score. This single number tells how you are at risk for a specific disease compared to others. "Doctors can use such a score to predict how you might respond to a disease and recommend a special treatment. As for you, your Genetic Risk Score cannot tell you that you will definitely get a specific disease, but it can empower you to prevent it."

Alejandro Correa Rojo
UHasselt - VITO

Alejandro Correa Rojo is a bioinformatician focused on human genetics and health-related technologies. Originally from Colombia, he did his Master's in Bioinformatics at KU Leuven. Alejandro then continued with a joint Ph.D. with VITO and UHasselt, to develop data-driven technologies for using personal genomic data in the clinics. His main research goal is to help clinicians and patients understand genetic data that can be useful for better treatment of diseases and personalized care.