How radars will help deliver your pizza!


About the research

Imagine drones could deliver pizzas or packages to your doorstep. Therefore, such a drone would have to be self-navigating, and able to detect obstacles in its path. Most drones are currently equipped with cameras to help navigate, but cameras are quite expensive and they don't perform well in harsh weather and light conditions. That's why Adnan Albaba (Imec - VUB) is developing new algorithms to help drones as well as other autonomous vehicles navigate with radar technology. 

Adnan Albaba
imec - VUB

Adanan Albab is a Syrian, born in Saudi-Arabia and raised in Kuwait. He did his bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering in Jordan and finished his masters in Embedded Systems in Sweden. Currently, he's pursuing a Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences in Belgium at VUB & Imec. His multidisciplinary research aims at improving the future of transportation, by making autonomous vehicles smarter, more efficient, and safer.

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