How to treat the financially ill health care sector


About the research

Did you know that 20% of all healthcare expenses are 'waste'? "We are spending large sums of money on things that don't really improve patients' health, such as overtreatment, administrative efficiencies, and so on", says Joke Borzée (Vlerick Business School - KU Leuven). To treat our financially ill healthcare sector, she is working on a scoring model to assess the overall value of treatments. Watch her explain how this would work.

Joke Borzée
KU Leuven - Vlerick

Joke Borzée, driven by her passion for both economics and healthcare, is pursuing a PhD at Vlerick Business School and KU Leuven, in which her two areas of interest converge perfectly. Motivated by the aspiration to conduct research with a societal impact, her research focuses on developing a method to measure patient value. By linking health outcomes with treatment costs, Joke strives to uncover efficiency improvements that can benefit both patients and care providers. 

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