Loneliness among seniors


About the research

"In a world that values independence, it is often taboo to admit that you feel lonely. For seniors, it is even more difficult, because in our society there is also a perception that loneliness is just part of getting older." Sociologist Haike Delafontaine (UAntwerpen) wants to help dispel myths and stereotypes surrounding loneliness among seniors, thus lowering the threshold to talk about it.

Haike Delafontaine

Haike Delafontaine is a PhD student with the Centre for Demography, Family and Health at the University of Antwerp. There, she is writing a PhD on loneliness among seniors. She is also affiliated with the broader inter-university and -disciplinary project Family Solidarity 2.0, which aims to map solidarity within family relationships in the 21st century. Haike enjoys helping others and learning about all kinds of topics on a daily basis, and hopes she can make a difference with her research.