Motivating young people for school through games


About the research

"With games you can motivate young people for school", according to Liese Missinne and her colleagues at the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences. Together with young people, they developed a game to stimulate their motivation for school. This is necessary because more than 1 in 8 Flemish youngsters drop out of school. She explains in this video exactly what the game entails.

Liese Missinne

Even as a child, Liese Missinne was often told that she would definitely become a teacher. Not following the traditional path, but through her studies in Educational Sciences at the University of Ghent, she ended up in the education sector as a teacher for teachers. Education, teaching, and didactics continue to fascinate her to this day and the passion is still there. Themes such as motivation, evidence-informed teaching, digital learning, effective didactics, and, above all, the practical translation into practice are central to her job as a teacher trainer. She also co-authored the book 'Almost everything you need to know about psychology' with Pedro De Bruyckere and Casper Hulshof, where the practical translation to the field is also central.

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