From a pill every few hours to an injection every few months


About the research

Drugs in pill form work quickly, but their effects wear off just as fast. That's why people with chronic conditions have to take a pill every few hours. What if we could administer drugs in a different form so that they not only work fast but also last for weeks or even months? We can achieve this with long-acting injections, as Fatima Anjum (TU Dortmund & Janssen Pharmaceutica) explains 'crystal' clear in this video 😉


Fatima Anjum

Fatima Anjum is a chemical engineer with experience in the field of process engineering and pharmaceutics. She is currently pursuing an European Industrial Doctorate in Chemical Engineering on a project called LongActNow. She is an inquisitive person with critical thinking ability. She likes to work in challenging situations with multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural groups. She firmly believes in principles of sustainability and tries to incorporate them in her work.

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