Protection for the cells that repair your brain


About the research

Have you ever been so stressed that you couldn't function properly? The same happens in the brain cells of patients with the nerve disease multiple sclerosis (MS) 🧠 Certain cells that help our brain to recover can no longer function properly due to too much stress. Lieve Van Veggel (UHasselt - Maastricht University - FWO) wants to help protect these cells. In this way, she and her colleagues hope to find a new way to slow down or even stop the progression of MS ✋🏻 🛑

Lieve Van Veggel

The interfaces of biology and chemistry have intrigued Lieve van Veggel ever since she started her studies, which triggered her interest in drug discovery. Especially the need for treatments for people suffering from progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) caught her eye. In her current PhD research, Lieve is trying to unravel a mechanism to allow recovery in the brain. With her research, Lieve hopes to contribute to a better outlook for MS patients and increase their quality of life.

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