The religious lives of Bangladeshis in Europe


About the research

Why is it that Muslim migrants seem to become more religious after arriving in Europe, in a secular society? That's what Saimum Parvez (VUB) is investigating. He's looking into the case of Bangladeshi migrants, by raising questions such as: how do they participate in religious rituals? Do they see themselves as religious? And what impact does migration have on their religion?

"I believe that a better understanding of migrants' lives will help maintain social harmony, tolerance, and better integration into European society."

Saimum Parveza

Saimum Parvez, PhD. is a MSCA COFUND Impact (grant agreement: 101034352) fellow at the Vrije Universitieit Brussel (VUB). He has obtained his doctorate degree from the University of Sydney (Australia) and Masters from the George Washington University (USA). He published extensively in scholarly journals, co-edited volumes, and regularly contributes to the media on Bangladesh politics. His research interests include digital media and its impact on politics and Bangladeshi migration in Europe.

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