Showtime! Stereotypes about English loanwords in children

About the research

About the research

'Yow', 'Peace', 'Man'. Those English loanwords fly around joyfully when Melissa Schuring (KU Leuven) asks children for her research to briefly imitate a rapper. Very different, in fact, from when she has them play a farmer or a minister. Experiments like this teach her more about the development of linguistic stereotypes in children. In her video, she tells you more about her research. Mic drop

Melissa Schuring
KU Leuven


 As a child, Melissa Schuring was a real blabbermouth and her fascination with language continued when growing up. In her PhD, Melissa combines two great passions: sociolinguistics and child language. Together with her supervisor, Eline Zenner, she developed new methods to answer the million-dollar question of her PhD thesis: as of when and why do Belgian Dutch-speaking children use English loanwords in their speech?

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