Spinal cord injury and ageing of your immune system


About the research

A stupid accident, cancer or a hernia - it can all cause a spinal cord injury, a spinal cord injury in which signals to and from the brain are interrupted. 🧠 Certain parts of your body then become paralysed. But there is also a hidden effect - an effect in the blood. 🩸 Naomi Veeningen (UHasselt) studies the blood of people with and without spinal cord injury to unravel what exactly is going on in the blood.

Naomi Veeningen

Naomi Veeningen is particularly fascinated by the interplay of aging and the immune system. During her PhD research, she's working to unravel the effects of an injury to the spinal cord on the aging of the immune system. The ultimate goal is to contribute to a better understanding of the aging immune system and to help boost the immune system of elderly people.

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