Unlocking the full power of biomolecules

About the research

About the research

Do you know what happens with your blood sample after a visit to the doctor for a check-up? Your blood sample undergoes testing for common biomolecules like cholesterol, glucose, or vitamin D. Modern technology allows for testing beyond these basics, generating vast amounts of data. Dries Heylen (VITO) is developing visualizations and analytical techniques to help researchers make sense of this complex data, providing deeper insights into how specific biomolecules relate to diseases and which ones are crucial to monitor. Bloody genius, right?

Dries Heylen
UHasselt - VITO

A broad interest in human biology and science in general inspired Dries to study biomedical sciences at KU Leuven. Now he is enrolled as a PhD student connected to the data science Institute in Hasselt and VITO health department. There he focuses on applying visual analytics and data visualisation approaches on medical data, in order to aim for a more sustainable health care system where chronic diseases can be prevented instead of cured.

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