We are all made of stardust ... but how?


About the research

While it might sound like an inspirational quote, the saying "We are all made of stardust" is actually true. All the elements we find here on earth were created long ago in the universe, floating around space in the form of this stardust, coming from massive stars. "If we want to understand earth and where we came from, we need to understand these massive stars", says astronomer Abigail Frost (KU Leuven). Using the technique of interferometry she manages to observe these rare and very distant stars. 🔭

Abigail Frost
KU Leuven

Abigail Frost, like many of us, has always loved looking up at the stars. When she learnt in her school physics classes that these stars were doing all sorts of crazy things, she knew she had to learn more! Now she works to understand the most massive stars in space. In particular, she investigates how the interactions of groups of stars and how they form affects their influence on the Universe.

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