Will an exoskeleton give me superpower?


About the research

Industrial exoskeletons can support factory and construction workers in their heavy daily tasks and prevent back pain and other work-related injuries. So why are exoskeletons not yet widely used in companies? That's what Shirley Elprama (Imec - VUB) is researching: she talks to companies and uses their feedback to inform exoskeleton-designers so that they can build better exoskeletons in the future. 

Shirley Elprama
imec - VUB

Always interested in new technologies and especially how they could be improved, Shirley Elprama started studied Human Interaction Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology (2011). Her current PhD research at imec-SMIT-VUB focuses on the role of collaborative robots and exoskeletons at work and how these technologies could be integrated in their daily tasks.

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