The wonderful world of frog glue: a sticky topic


About the research

You all know the story of the frog prince, but we bet you haven't yet heard this "sticky" version by evolutionary biologist Shabnam Zaman (VUB)... She is researching frog glue, a defense mechanism found in certain frog species, that could one day help you 🐸

Watch the video - we're pretty sure you will be glued to your screen. 

Shabnam Zaman

From the molecular to the most majestic of biological marvels, Shabnam has always been driven to understand the “why” behind the whimsical. That’s how she ended up at the Amphibian Evolution Lab (VUB) with a mission to investigate a strange but little-known phenomenon: frog glue. Together with her trusty companion, Bob the Tomato Frog, the two are on a quest to unravel the enduring mysteries of what makes these creatures so incredibly sticky.