Young professionals: should they imitate their seniors?


About the research

Picture two senior auditors: one is very meticulous in his work and always follows the rules. The other likes making shortcuts, by not closely following the rules. Which of these two will a junior auditor then imitate? And how does this affect his or her work quality? That's what Viola Darmawan (Vlerick Business School) is investigating. Find out more in the video. 

Viola Darmawan
KU Leuven - Vlerick

Fueled by her diverse academic background and interests, Viola undertakes PhD in Business Economics at KU Leuven & Vlerick Business School with the research interests lie on the crossover of accounting and psychology, that mainly studies the judgment and decision making of an auditor. She’s doing experimental research with real life auditors as the participants, which increase the credibility of her study. 

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