Breaking down barriers between chemistry and biology


About the research

"In science, we tend to look at the world like it's a messy room that needs organizing. We divide things into boxes, such as the biology box or the chemistry box." In his research David Salazar Marcano (KU Leuven) is trying to break down these cardboard walls in order to develop new biomaterials that have potential as antiviral drugs.  


New materials
David Salazar Marcano
KU Leuven

Ever since one of his bachelor’s research projects, during which he synthesized two novel materials similar to the ones used in smartphone screens, David Salazar Marcano has always been motivated by the satisfaction of creating new materials, especially when they expand our understanding and lead to useful applications. So, for his master’s thesis he went on to focus on making compounds for X-ray imaging devices. And now, for his PhD, he is tackling making much more complex new materials by combining proteins and metal oxides. 

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