Bubbles in rock: clues from ancient fluids


About the research

Rocks might look solid from the outside, but did you know that most rocks are full of tiny bubbles filled with gas and fluids that carry a lot of history? “Each rock really has a story to tell about events that occurred on our planet”, according to Brazilian geologist Fernando Araujo (KU Leuven). Listen to his story about fascinating and colorful pegmatite rocks

Fernando Araujo
KU Leuven

Fernando Prado Araujo is a Brazilian geologist. It never ceases to amaze him to see how the Earth is so full of details and beauty. During his academic life he has been looking at how the natural processes brought us to where we are. His research focus is on the mineralogical and chemical evolution of magmas. He is currently investigating the influence of fluids in the magmatic systems and their role in the formation of rare-metal deposits (Ta, Nb, Sn and W).

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