Can you build a smartphone from bacteria?


About the research

Last year, scientists discovered bacteria in the mud of the North Sea that can conduct electricity. Robin Bonné (Hasselt University - FWO) is investigating these so-called 'cable bacteria' in the lab. He wants to find out whether we can use them to create biodegradable electronic wires. 



New materials
Robin Bonné
FWO - UHasselt

Whoever asked the 10-year old Robin Bonné what he wanted to become, got a resolute answer: an inventor. Grown-up Robin forgot about this and just loved to play music, play theater and study the fundamentals of nature in a master in physics. Now, the young scientist is doing a PhD about the physics of bacteria. As he is now putting down a piece of the puzzle to invent an electric wire that is biodegradable, young Robin would have been proud.

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