Defeating visual disorders


About the research

Worldwide, 6 million people suffer from inherited visual disorders. And today, no treatment is available yet. Pietro De Angeli (UKT Tübingen) is one of the scientists that try to tackle this kind of disease at its roots: the genes. Because these inherited visual disorders arise due to defects in the genes. De Angeli is trying to find a unique, safe and effective therapeutic approach to correct genetic defects.

Pietro De Angeli

Pietro De Angeli has a background in molecular biology and genome engineering. He is pursuing a PhD thesis in Wissinger Lab at the Universitätsklinikum Tübingen, within the “StarT” innovative training network. The aim of his PhD project is to implement CRISPR-Cas9 approaches to rescue some Stargardt-causing-deep-intronic mutations in ABCA4 gene, and to further investigate the possibility of harnessing the genome editing potential as a promising technology for the treatment of genetic conditions. 

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