Does an old rheumatism pill help against cancer?


About the research

Developing a new cancer drug can easily take up to ten years and costs a lot of money. That's why researchers are increasingly looking at existing drugs, which have already been extensively tested and proven to be safe. Laure Freire Boullosa (UAntwerpen) dusted off an old rheumatism pill to see if it could be a weapon against cancer. Curious about the result? Check out the video!  


Laurie Freire Boullosa

Laurie Freire Boullosa (°1994) is a passionate cancer researcher at the University of Antwerp. After her studies Biochemistry and Biotechnology she immediately started her PhD at the Centre for Oncological Research (CORE) where she researches the reuse of an old rheumatoid pill in the fight against cancer. With this, she is determined to contribute to the search for alternative and cheaper cancer treatments.

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