Epilepsy in dogs: is the solution in the gut?


About the research

In Belgium, around 10,000 dogs suffer from epilepsy 🐕 This makes it the most common neurological disorder. Unfortunately, the seizures are often difficult to explain and thus to treat. Fien Verdoodt (UGent) explains why the cause and therefore the solution might lie in the gut... 

Fien Verdoodt
FWO - UGent

Even as a small child Fien Verdoodt was convinced to become a veterinarian. Last year that life-long dream came true! She discovered that besides treating pets, she wanted to be part of the research behind Veterinary Science. Her current Ph.D. research at Ghent University- FWO aims at finding new ways to help dogs who suffer from epilepsy in a very unexpected way: through the gut!

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