Exploring shareholder approval of environmental and social goals


About the research 

Managers of large companies get bonuses for achieving financial goals, such as increasing profits. But what do shareholders think about giving these managers a bonus for environmental and social goals, such as reducing emissions or improving employee well-being? This is what Bettina De Ruyck (Vlerick Business School - UGhent) looked into. "Bonuses for non-financial objectives are twice as common in managers' pay compared to ten years ago." 

Bettina De Ruyck

Bettina De Ruyck is a PhD student in strategic management at Vlerick Business School and Ghent University. She is also a visiting researcher at the management department of the University of Georgia and a BAEF alumna. Why do some companies perform better than other companies? That is a core research question in the strategic management field. Bettina’s research explores how top managers’ psychology and pay explain differences in company performance, such as their financial or environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes. She is also interested in strategic flexibility and stakeholders’ evaluations of companies.

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