Glaciers in Kyrgyzstan are disappearing at an alarming rate


About the research

Did you know that every two minutes, enough ice melts on Earth to fill around 400 Olympic swimming pools with its meltwater? "The urgency is real – glaciers worldwide are disappearing at an alarming rate. In various corners of the globe, millions rely on these majestic glaciers for their drinking water and agricultural needs". Dive into the eye-opening short trip with glaciologist Lander Van Tricht (VUB - ETH Zürich) as he takes you on a glacier expedition in Kyrgyzstan.

Lander Van Tricht

Driven by a fascination for mountains, snow, and glaciers, coupled with a keen awareness of the far-reaching implications of climate change, Lander Van Tricht embarked on a scholarly journey following his studies in geography. The logical step for him was pursuing a PhD, delving into a subject that would both satisfy his curiosity and contribute to scientific discourse. Presently, Lander's academic endeavors center around his PhD research at VUB, where he is committed to monitoring and modelling of glaciers, with a specific emphasis on Central Asia. By shedding light on the profound influence of glaciers on vulnerable regions, his primary objective is to establish a solid foundation for the implementation of sustainable measures in regions heavily dependent on these frozen water reservoirs.

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