Helping enterprises that hold the key to a sustainable world


About the research 

"Environmental entrepreneurs and their eco-innovations are the cornerstone of the transition to a more sustainable world. By offering new alternatives to existing products and services, they want to tackle issues such as climate change, deforestation, and pollution. But we need to research how they can make a bigger impact," says Georgios Outsios (VUB). That's precisely what he is doing by analyzing the unique characteristics of eco-innovations among environmental enterprises in Belgium. His aim is to develop a tool and a guide to help environmental entrepreneurs and foster the process of eco-innovation.

Georgios Outsios

A profound interest in nature inspired Georgios Outsios to complete a PhD in environmental entrepreneurship as a way of solving environmental issues. His Postdoctoral Research Fellowship with VUB is dedicated to the study of the process of eco-innovation among environmental enterprises. His work focuses on discovering the unique characteristics of eco-innovation, and the challenges environmental enterprises face when collaborating with universities in developing eco-innovations.

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