How do you want to control your recommendations?


About the research

Imagine you are listening to music via your Spotify account and suddenly the Dora theme song starts playing because some day earlier you played music for your child or cousin. Sounds familiar? Irritating isn't it? Martijn Millecamp (KU Leuven) investigates ways to give users more control over their recommendations on platforms and services such as Spotify and Netflix.

Martijn Millecamp
KU Leuven

Because of his love for challenges and his fascination for mathematics, Martijn Millecamp decided to study engineering at the KU Leuven. During that study he became intrigued by algorithms and decided to do a master's degree in computer science with a specialisation in human-computer-interaction, in human language: the study of how people interact with technology. During this master he was so fascinated by interactions with so-called recommender systems, recommendation systems as used by Spotify, Facebook, Netflix, etc. that this also became the theme of his PhD.