Language recovery after a stroke


About the research

A stroke can lead to aphasia, a language disorder caused by a brain injury in the left hemisphere. Can you recover from that? And how long does it take? At the moment, no doctor can immediately answer these questions. Klara Schevenels (KU Leuven) wants to give patients with aphasia after a stroke a quick and reliable prognosis so that they have a reliable window on the future.

Klara Schevenels
KU Leuven

The unique mixture of social sciences, medical sciences, clinical work and technical skills is what drove Klara Schevenels to engage in her research project. Having the chance to learn how the brain works and how it influences our behaviour, and at the same time being able to have such close contact with a very unique group of people is amazing. With her PhD research, Klara aims to give patients with aphasia after stroke a fast and reliable prognosis, making their life a little bit easier.

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