Learning through play


About the research

Research shows that young children learn too little in nurseries. Should creches then become little schools? "No," says pedagogue Simon Wemel (Arteveldehogeschool Ghent). "However, they can focus on 'learning by playing', because playing is the driving force in young children's development."

To inspire and support child supervisors in this, Simon and his colleague Ann Steverlynck created the book "The realm of play", with numerous practical examples. Let's play!

Simon Wemel

Simon Wemel can't sit still. He's always on to something. With that, some playfulness is never far away. Because playing is gigantically valuable, says Simon. His goal? Offering children maximum developmental opportunities through play in all its forms. As a teacher and researcher in the Early Childhood Education programme at Artevelde University College Ghent, he has built up years of expertise in the field of (risky) play and the development of a child-oriented, creative play practice. In childcare, youth work, education, family context..."

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