Reforesting 80.000 trees a day: a mission impossible?


About the research 

Did you know that it's possible to grow 1 million new trees in one year starting from (fragments of) one single plant? By using the promising technique of in vitro propagation, Maroua Grira (Ghent University) wants to save tree species such as Mahogany & Dalbergia from extinction. 

Maroua Grira

The long agricultural history of her Tunisian family gave Maroua Grira the opportunity to turn her passion into her profession. She chose to pursue a PhD in plant biotechnology after her studies. Determined to do her bit to counteract the negative effects of climate change, Maroua wants to use her passion, family tradition, experience and knowledge to further develop in vitro plant techniques as a PhD student. Besides working on valuable woody plants, her research includes pistachio, chestnut, thermotherapy for virus-free grapes and, recently, the in vitro introduction of the Tunisian date variety Deglet Noor. She sees it as her personal contribution to the fight against food shortage, social unrest and economic migration - all serious consequences of climate change that she sees occurring in her home country.

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